Privacy Policy

Zat Masr Foundation for Studies and Media stresses the importance of intellectual property protection and creative ownership. It emphasizes the necessity of protecting personal data of all users and the requirements of privacy in the age of digitization. This leads us to enhance “mutual protection” between all our published, visual and audio materials, on the one hand, and the visitors of our website, whether browsers or users, on the other hand.

The electronic platform of Zat Masr and all of its technical forms are owned by the foundation of (Zat Masr for Studies and Media), under the supervision of its technical management. Once you use our site and see its cultural, artistic, political and other contents, you are covered by the advantage of our privacy policy, and its terms and conditions.

In recognition of the confidentiality of information and the importance of protecting it and not sharing it with any party other than the owner and user, we have decided in Zat Masr that: “It is not permitted to use any of the materials appearing on this site either by copying, transmitting, quoting, … etc., whether electronically or automatically. This includes photographic reproduction or the use of any information storing and retrieving systems without prior written permission from the foundation management.

In the context of scientific research, a researcher, a journalist and a user of the site can quote and use written, visual and audio materials by providing the reference to the information source in his study or work whatever be it, in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of laws and regulations relating to intellectual property and author rights, which are in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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